In the Spotlight pt. 2 

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They were on their way to the after party event, at a club about 10 minutes drive from the venue. They had finished a day of interviews for their next season of the show, which was always fun but exhausting. Nicole leaned her head back against her seat and closed her eyes. Luckily, nothing had come up about the article that day, and she couldn’t be more relieved. Phew, dodged that bullet. The bullet she hadn’t dodged however, was Tom, gazing down at her with those shining blue eyes and making her melt with every sexily accented word that came out of his mouth – especially when he was complimenting her. Oh and the way he had studied her body in her new outfit…dealing with the article was hard enough when she had just started to admit to herself that she wished it was true. Not the sleeping with the entire cast of course, but a certain member wouldn’t be so bad…the thought of those long-fingered hands on her body and his lips on her neck…ugh, get a grip Beharie. Never gonna happen. He’s your friend. 

“Penny for your thoughts?” A familiar voice asked. Startled, she opened her eyes to see him grinning down at her. She hastily sat up again and shuffled so she wasn’t so close to him – they were sitting next to each other in the car to the after party, and she was scared he would be able to feel her desire if they touched.

“Just ready to party!” she said brightly, “Gonna get down on the d-floor with me, cat?”

“You’ll have to get a few drinks in me before you see anything resembling ‘getting down’…” he replied, looking amused. The car pulled up outside the nightclub and the driver opened the door for them. Nicole got out first, thanking the driver and then reaching back to grab Tom’s hand and haul him out of the black SUV.

“And that is exactly what I plan to do!” she said, smirking, as she led him into the club, enjoying the feeling of his large hand holding hers, even if just for a second.

One mojito down and another in his hand, Tom was feeling much more relaxed than when he had first entered the club. He leant against the bar, waiting on Nicole’s drink of choice, a vodka soda. He looked out at the crowd of dancers, pulsating to the beat of the music, a mess of limbs and sweaty bodies pushing against each other. Scanning the crowd, he saw Nicole, grooving with her eyes closed, getting lost in the rhythm of the music. She had let her hair down (literally, he thought with a smirk), and he realized he was holding his breath watching her. She was so beautiful – magnetic in fact, and he couldn’t seem to take his gaze off her.

“Vodka soda, man. Sorry about the wait.” The bartender slid the drink over to him, and Tom murmured his thanks, pushing the cash for the drinks across the bar. Holding the drinks in his hands, he turned, ready to battle the dance floor again to get to Nicole. He made his way towards her, muttering, “Excuse me,” and “My apologies,” to various partygoers who ground on him as he went. He was about five metres away from Nicole when he saw it. Under the flashing lights of the club, he saw her in a passionate lip-lock with a tall, tanned, muscular blond man, who seemed very enthusiastic about the person on the receiving end of his tongue. They broke the kiss and the man pulled Nicole flush against him, gyrating in time to the music. His large hands nearly encompassed her whole waist, and then they inched down, grabbing her bum as she put her hands around his neck. With a shake of his head, Tom realized he was simply standing in the middle of the dance floor, holding the drinks, staring. Aghast, he turned abruptly, slopping some of the alcohol onto himself before pushing his way back to the bar and collapsing onto a stool. Head in his hands, he tried to process his feelings. It’s ridiculous to think she wouldn’t be dating men, sleeping with them. Of course she is, just look at her. Guys must fall over her every second of every day. They did, and he, Tom, had seen them do it before. He had just never seen her return the favour quite so…enthusiastically. Normally she politely rebuffed any advances, or, if they got too persistent, told them in no uncertain terms to leave her alone. But this? You don’t have any right to feel like this, man. You’re married to a beautiful woman, whom you love, and Nicole is single and your friend. You should be happy for her!

“Rough night, hey?” asked the bartender with a rueful smile. Tom just nodded tiredly, then downed his drink. “Don’t let it get you down, man. You’re British right? Yeah, the ladies’ll be all over you, trust me.”

Tom laughed, a bitter little chuckle.

“I’m already married though mate, that’s the problem. I’ve got no right to be feeling how I do.” He explained, nodding towards Nicole’s abandoned drink. As he did, he felt a small hand on his shoulder. He turned to see Nicole, looking out of breath but radiating happiness, and he felt his heart constrict. Even though he was sitting on a stool and she was standing, they were eye-to-eye, and he enjoyed the feeling of being on the same level as her.

“Hey, Nic! How’s it going out there?” he began, before noticing the man standing behind her, one hand resting possessively on her ass. “Who’s this?” he asked, nodding politely at the god. Did he really have to be so attractive? Even Tom could see why Nicole would be attracted to him. His golden hair flopped over his face, and his green eyes had a mischievous sparkle in them that spoke of danger and motorcycles. He was wearing a tight white t-shirt that showed off his powerful build and offset his sun-browned skin. Nicole had scored with this one.

“I’m Jace. Nice to meet you,” Jace said, in a deep voice that seemed oddly familiar, offering his hand to Tom. Tom shook it, feeling slightly overwhelmed.

“Jace is from California, Tom, and he’s a marine biologist. When he’s not doing research, he surfs and is a lifeguard.” Nicole said admiringly, looking up at Jace. Great, Tom thought, he’s bloody perfect.

“Well that sounds an impressive life. I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf,” Tom said politely, signaling for another drink from the bartender.

“Is that for me, Tom?” Nicole asked him, touching his shoulder and nodding at the drink on the bar. He nodded, pushing it towards her. “Thanks, I’m parched!” she added and sipped at it. The bartender brought Tom another mojito, and Jace ordered a double scotch “on the rocks”. The bartender raised his eyebrows at Tom, who just gave him a resigned look.

“So you guys work together, right?” Jace asked, looking from Nicole to Tom. Tom nodded – he was distracted by the way Jace had slipped his hand into the strip of skin between Nicole’s fetching twinset and was gently stroking her silky skin - and the fact that she was evidently enjoying it.

“Yeah, Tom and I are besties,” Nicole laughed, “We basically spend all our time with each other, when he’s not with his wife.”

Jace looked visibly relieved, and Tom narrowed his eyes. “Nicole and I are very close. Luckily, otherwise working together every single day could get tedious.”

After a little more chatting, Jace excused himself to go to the bathroom. Nicole sighed happily, and leaned both elbows on the bar, looking at Tom. “Isn’t he great? And so attractive…damn…this one’s a keeper.”

“He seems utterly…perfect, Nic.” Tom replied, trying to be happy for her.

“You don’t mind if we leave then? I, um, we’re going back, y’know, to the hotel…” she trailed off, looking to him expectantly. Tom coughed, as did the bartender who was standing right behind them.

“Oh right, yes of course. You two leave, I’ll say the thank yous and goodbyes, and see you in the morning,” he said. “We have that photo shoot at 9.” Nicole gave him a quick hug and a wink.

“Thank you, you’re the best,” she gushed, “Oh, here comes Jace, how do I look?”

He gazed a her for a moment before replying, “Beautiful, as always.”

“You’re a doll, Tom, thanks.” She smiled at him as Jace reached them and winked at her.

“We all good to get out of here, babe?” he asked, putting his arm around her.

“Yep, all good. You wanna leave now?” she replied, grabbing her purse off the bar and downing the last of her drink.

Tom watched them leave together, weaving their way through the crowds, holding hands.

“Wow dude, you sure have it bad. Shitty luck.” The bartender gave him a slap on the back and topped up his drink.

“Give us another one of those, if that’s okay. May as well do it properly, not like I have anything else to do tonight.”


 Nicole couldn’t believe her luck. She had walked into the club holding Tom’s hand (not that she wanted to think about how right that felt) and left holding Jace’s. Now they were sitting on the couch of her hotel room, making out in front of the TV and a glass of wine. He was probably the hottest guy she’d ever brought back to her place, and not to mention he was smart and probably rich – plus the guy was a freaking lifeguard! He was also a really great kisser, and seemed totally into her. All right, time to really get this party started. She stood up, took Jace’s hand and led him to the bedroom, kicking off her shoes as he did so. Slipping off her skirt and lacy black panties, she waved them in front of him cheekily and then hung them on the doorknob before turning back to him.

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I just saw this quote from Nicole

But that photo though


I just saw this quote from Nicole

But that photo though

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wtf is Theo even wearing in this picture, and why is Tom Mison like 45 feet taller than everybody else?


wtf is Theo even wearing in this picture, and why is Tom Mison like 45 feet taller than everybody else?


'Sleepy Hollow' actors Lyndie Greenwood, producer Heather Kadin, actors Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Katia Winter, creators Mark Goffman, Alex Kurtzman and actor Orlando Jones during Comic-Con.
(Credit: John Sciulli/Getty Images North America)


'Sleepy Hollow' actors Lyndie Greenwood, producer Heather Kadin, actors Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Katia Winter, creators Mark Goffman, Alex Kurtzman and actor Orlando Jones during Comic-Con.

(Credit: John Sciulli/Getty Images North America)


"Nicole Beharie takes time to center herself. BTS of Sleepy Hollow" 

via Sleepy Hollow’s Instagram


"Nicole Beharie takes time to center herself. BTS of Sleepy Hollow"

via Sleepy Hollow’s Instagram

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Sleepy Hollow Season 2

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Nicole Beharie on taking the role playing Abbie


Shit Sleepy Hollow Fans of Katrina Say… 


  • Katrina is really interesting.
  • Katrina is my favorite character.
  • I just love her! She’s so beautiful!
  • I really like the idea of their marriage over time. :)
  • She’s a badass witch!
  • I love the sanctity and loyalty of their marriage.
  • I just think it would be nice if a male and female lead didn’t get together for once a.k.a. almost every time if she’s black.
  • I think it would be nice if Abbie can hook-up with [insert random male here, as long as he isn’t Ichabod]
  • I really like Abbie and Ichabod as friends, BROtp, totally platonic chemistry, just like siblings!! there’s just no way he likes that black girl in a sexual way, yuck!
  • OMG, I REALLY want Abbie to help Katrina play dress-up and get used to the new time so she can be with her husband and Abbie can finally take her proper place as the helpful black female BFF side character that we love!
  • OMG STOP HATING ON KATRINA!! [in response to the logical questions people have about the things lacking in her characterization, the same questions, that they as concerned fans should especially have!]

Shit Sleepy Hollow Fans of Katrina DON’T Say

  • I love the idea of the Katrina I know from the movie, I just wish the writing on this show matched what I know and love of her. :(
  • I love strong female characters and I love Katrina, so I am REALLY upset that the writers have shown so little of that!
  • Hmmm, I wonder why Katrina did that? I am really interested in Katrina’s thoughts and motives.
  • I wonder what Katrina’s family is like.
  • When are we going to see who Katrina is from Katrina’s POV instead of Ichabod’s?
  • Katrina is amazing with Ichabod and in her own scenes.
  • Katrina is a badass witch, so I really wish the writers wouldn’t damsel her so much
  • I love Katrina, so why is my favorite character being reduced to motivational object for manpain? 
  • Katrina is the leader of her coven, when are we going to see the powers that made her that?

tl;dr  Why don’t Katrina’s fans care how their favorite character is written,-only that she’s there and married to Ichabod?

Why does feminism strangely only apply to Abbie for them and not Katrina, especially since they claim to be her fans??

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Honestly, they could just play the Ichabbie hug in the promo for the full hour and I would be happy.. 



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Sleepy Hollow Cast Comic Con selfies

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